ANTIQUE BRUNSWICK MONARCH POOL TABLE   Restored Victorian Brunswick 4′ x 8′ pool table. The model is called ” The Monarch”. It was made by Brunswick in the late 1870’s, early 1880’s. This model is considered one of the most elaborate, impressive and desirable pool tables ever made.

J.M. Brunswick & Balke  – The Monarch, 1880’s, 4′ x 8′, deep true mahogany with California laurel, burl ash, French walnut, birdseye maple, rosewood, ebony, mahogany and tulip woods inlays.  Cast iron full-body lion base with gold leaf.

The table carriage has burled walnut with numerous inlaid woods, probably ebony, tulipwood, burl ash, maple, mahogany and rosewood. The rosewood top rails are inlaid with ivory diamond sights. The base consisting of four lions is cast iron and has no welds or repairs. Although the gold gilt on the base is not as flashy as some that I have seen, I believe it is probably the original gold gilt.

The Slate: the four piece slate has no breaks. The slate has some surface scratches and flakes to the edges but this has no effect on the play of the table. Important to note that the first two pieces of slate are greenish and have a slight redish brown color in the background (probably some kind of sediment, mineral or metal in the rock, which happens). In the third and fourth pieces of slate the redish brown color dominates with only tiny areas that show the green. At first glance the two differ colors in the slate look like the slate is a marriage of two sets of slate but it is not.

ANTIQUE VICTORIAN POOL TABLEThe pockets are newer number 3 iron and chrome plated. The originals were a polished nickle plate that looked like chrome. The brass rail bolt covers and one rail bolt are newer. I had the rail cushions replaced since they have been sitting around unused for a few years. I also had them professionally recovered in new Proform high performance rich tournament green felt. The new cloth has never been played on and the bed cloth is still in the bag.

I bought this table for myself after looking at number of these models through the years when one would come up at an auction or through dealers etc.. In my opinion this table is a substantially better than any of the others that I have seen in all those years, but I have never had room or the house to set it up in.

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    Hello. I was wondering if you could tell me some info on a item you had on here 12/2012…. a gingerbread kitchen clock by Waterbury, rare. I found one that I was thinking about buying. does it chime? the person im buy from does not know. looks to be in exelent condition and he said it works with a key.
    Thanx Darlene

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